FREE SHIPPING-Multifunctional High-Sensitive Stylus Touch Pen Ball Pen-White

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Multifunctional High-Sensitive Stylus Touch Pen Ball Pen for Capacitive Tablet PC and Mobile Phone Universal Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus Pen Features: * capacitive stylus pen working on all capacitive touch screen * 100% brand new for capacitive screen of tablet PC and mobile phone * made of high quality and durable material * can free your capacitive screen mobile phone or tablet PC from the scratches of your fingers and fingerprint * fits perfectly into your stylus slot * can also be used as a ball pen for writing * Clip design,easily clips in your pocket, book or diary * Sensitive stylus tip gives you the smoothest navigation * Customize designed for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch * Sensitive to type or tap an e-mail,note,address book or website Package Includes: 1* capacitive stylus