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Color Tips...Undertanstanding The Effects Of Colors In Sales And Marketing

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Unleash The Hidden Potentials And Avoid Pitfalls That Will Cause You To Lose Thousands Silently, By Understanding The Effects Of Colors In Sales And Marketing! In one of the most overlooked topics in sales and marketing, this report will stun you! Dear friend, To put the principle of color as a viable marketing tool, a contextual consideration of how and where it will be utilized is useful including an insight on the demographics of the potential target market. There are gender-specific color preferences and perceptions, which adds to the confusion to the effective use of colors. Men prefer bright colors while women have a preference for soft colors. The achievement of color harmony in graphics design may be defined as a pleasing combination of graphical elements (fonts, lines, figures and photographs) and their accompanying colors in order to provide a satisfying visual appeal and elicit a positive response from as many viewers as possible. Color harmony is always pleasing to the eye and engages the viewer in a positive manner creating an inner sense of order and balance in what is seen and perceived by the eye. Unleash the money pumping designer in you! The Color Report guides you to come up with harmonious and rhythmic graphic designs and web pages so that the viewer is drawn to your site unconsciously. The Report provides you the necessary tools and insight on how to organize your design elements because the viewer automatically rejects visual experience that is overdone and so chaotic. Why? Because our brains automatically rejects what it cannot organize and what it cannot understand. The Color Report gives you the advantage of presenting a logical structure to achieve visual interest and a sense of order in the presentation and organization of the various graphical elements we use in design. It guides you away from under-stimulation of the human senses due to extreme unity and over-stimulation due to over-complexity. The Color Report gives you the guidelines and insights to come up and develop a dynamic equilibrium every time you undertake a new project. In plain and simple language, The Color Report gives you an insight and deeper appreciation of the theories of colors, harmony, analogous and complementary colors, including the effects colors have on each other. Although you may think that we sound like a color fanatic, speaking of nothing but colors… we went a step further by including this exclusive color report as Private Label Rights with source codes! The Color Report contains most of the information professional graphic designers have learned over the years from school and their hands-on experience! What’s more, this Color Report is the secret that graphic designers have kept away from the eyes of people like you and me. It is veritably a graphic designer’s secret black book of tips, tricks and techniques to achieve that elusive color harmony in design!