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NamTaoThong - Herbal Medicines for Cold and Fever

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Namtaothong Instant Sweet tea Herbal Natural relief of heartburn Cold and Fever Symptoms. A traditional herbal medicine that has no bitter taste. Herbal drug extraction powder dried Each sachet of designed to prevent moisture and heat. Effective self life of the drug not more than 5 years. Uses Helpful in combating the effects of Colds, Sore Throat, Heartburn, indigestion, Dehydration and other symptoms related to colds and fevers. Preparation Mix one sachet in warm water about 150 cc. Add sugar or ice as desired, or drink warm/hot. If symptoms are present use 2 sachets for an adult. 1 Sachet for children. Best if consumed before meals. Each Sachet 5 gms. 10 Sachet per order