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Poy-Sian Inhaler (2 inhalers)

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Mini-inhaler Poy – Sian. You will receive 2 inhalers. Most popular in Thailand mini-inhaler Poy – Sian. The mini inhaler Poy - Sian helps against a headache, dizziness, nausea, cold, a runny nose, will help you to overcome discomfort from unpleasant smells on the street, in public transport or when someone smokes nearby. Mini inhaler Poy Sian consists of two parts: In the lower part there is a container with essential oils. These oi;s can be applied to the temples to fight a headache or to the back of the neck, at the base of your skull to relieve stress. It can also be applied to sore muscles to relieve pain. In the upper part is an inhaler with a core impregnated with oils. This can be inhaled and has the full benefit of an inhaler. Ingredients: eucalyptus oil – 8,5 %, Menthol oil – 42 %, Camphor oil – 16,4 %, Borneol (the Indian camphor) – 6,1 % The inhaler will help you to get rid of annoying symptoms due to colds, Simply bring the inhaler to a nose and to inhale fumes of the essential oils. Camphor oil effectively fights symptoms due to colds, pneumonia and facilitates breathing. The inhaler will also help with seasickness, car sickness or other forms of motion sickness. Menthol oil will clean and clear a stuffy nose. So this inhaler has a double function, the plastic case of the inhaler is one piece that opens from both top and bottom. Turn and remove the upper cap to use inhale a freshness smell. Turn off the lower cap from other side and slightly moisten with liquid to your temples or nose. The effect will be continued for about 20 minutes. Don't forget to close an inhaler after use. One bottle life is about 2-3 months