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Herbal Tooth Powder

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This is an excellent product. It is tooth & gums powder Best thai herbal whitening tooth powder thai original traditional toothpaste Best thai herbal whitening tooth powder without fluoride, dazzling teeth. Excellent health of mouth, gums, teeth and root. Reduces pain if your teeth are cold sensitive. Reduces swelling in the gums. It helps make your teeth become whiter, cleaner. It comes in powder. It is mildly salty taste when using. Reduces Plaque, Coffee and Nicotine stains. How to use: Apply to a wet tooth brush and brush morning and evening. For sensitive teeth and gums apply to wet finger and massage affected area. Ingredients: Sea Salt, White Alum, Cinnamomum Camphora. No synthetic foaming agents (SLS) Net weight 15 G. Product of Thailand.