Audiobook "The First Puritan Christmas Tree" written in 1895

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Item specifics Condition: Brand New: Subject: Children's Language:English Topic: Fairy Tale Format: MP3 CD Length: 00:05:59 Audiobook "The First Puritan Christmas Tree" The Puritans disparaged Christmas as “Foolstide” and thoroughly discouraged its celebration. The Plymouth Pilgrims even spent their first Christmas Day in the New World putting up a building, thereby showing their complete contempt for the holiday. This story is set during that time in America. Nothing is known about its author. It was published in 1895 in a collection of stories called "A Budget of Christmas Tales". Excerpt: Mrs. Olcott called her boys, and bade them go to the pine woods and get the finest, handsomest young hemlock tree that they could find. “Get one that is straight and tall, with well-boughed branches on it, and put it where you can draw it under the wood-shed after dark” Audiobook on CD is produced in MP3 Format (Will play only on a MP3 Compatible Players, some players will not play MP3 files and the disks will appear blank, before ordering please make sure the player you will be using will read MP3 files.