Porta Stove

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Portable Stove Ideal outdoor activity single user stove. Packs Easily. Very Compact. Very Light. Useful for hikers, campers, bikers, mountain biking. Boils water in just a couple minutes. Useful for a hot cup of coffee or for heating up single portions of food such as soup. In the Aluminum stove place a small amount of alcohol. Ignite the alcohol. Wait a minute for the stove to heat up and there is sufficient air flow for the flame. The flame will be coming out the holes along the top of the stove. Place pot right onto the stove. If the flame is extinguished the stove is not hot enough yet. Additional benefit: This stove is made out of throw away aluminum soda cans, It is recycled and good for long term use. Lets make more use of our waste and protect this fragile world where we have made our homes. Contents Carry Bag Small Aluminum Portable Stove Bottle Alcohol/fuel One Sachet of Coffee Aluminum Cup suitable for boiling water Butane Lighter