SGM-E35 - TAPERED BLENDING professional individual eyes cosmetic makeup brush

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* Item Type:Makeup Brush * Quantity:1 * Size:REGULAR * Handle Material:Wood * Brush Material:Bristle,Goat Hair,Synthetic Hair * Used With:Eye Shadow * Model Number: E35 Shipping to: Worldwide NO SHIPPING TO::Bosnia and Hercegovina,Canary Island,CaribbeanNetherlands,Curacao,Jersey,Montserrat,Palestine,Saint Barthelemy,Saint Martin(France),Sint Maarten,South Sudan,Taiwan,Yemen,Aland Island,Andorra,Domenica,Canary Island,Asecension Island,South Georgia The south Sandwich Island,Bailiswick,Bermuda,Bolivia,Cameroon,Montserrat,Zanzibar * Ships within 3-7 business days. Expected delivery in 15 to 60 business days. * We are not responsible for local customs charges.No deliveries at Kosovo