Grill Captain Meat Thermometer Pro

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PERFECTLY COOKED MEAT - Ensure your steaks, chicken, poultry and pork are cooked to perfection by using pre-set or manual cooking temperatures. From baking to broiling, you'll always maintain ideal meat temps. HANDS FREE MONITOR: The Meat Thermometer Pro is a wireless thermometer complete with transmitter base and stainless steel heat-resistant probes. Simply put the probes in the meat and the transmitter will notify you when it's ready! BACKLIT LED SCREEN - Enjoy enhanced temperature and time readability with our advanced backlit LED screen that's easy to read both indoors and outdoors, even at night! ENJOY FAMILY TIME - With a wireless transmitter that lets you know when your food is ready, you can spend more time spending time with family and friends and less time hovering over a hot stove or grill.