Blue HillTribe Dress

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My Daughter Hannah is in this photo taken by her friend. She took this photo of Redmond and Hannah yesterday on a much needed mama coffee date. Hannah loved the photo so much because as she says, "I'm wearing a dress from Thailand (where I grew up) that my dad sent me, Redmond is wearing an outfit that reminds me of a 1980's high school kid, and his pose is cracking me up." This dress is made by the Karens, pronounced (Ka-rans), who are an indigenous people to the southeast Asian countries of Thailand and Burma. The name ‘Karen’ has become almost synonymous with ‘Weaver’, so outstanding are the products of Karen looms. Their unusual embroidery and needle work make for widely varied types of clothing. Often the specific pattern reflect specific groups and families coming under the general heading of ‘Karen’. Almost like a Coat-of-Arms. Originally all clothing was made of home spun cotton cloth. Even now many mountain-dwelling Karen still spin thread from their own cotton. Weaving is done on simple back-strap looms using a single warp technique. Measurement (may vary slightly) Width 17 Inches Length 40 Inches Armhole 11 inches *** Please note that the actual colors may vary slightly from the one you see on your screen due to monitor restrictions. In addition they are hand Woven and Hand Dyed. We try to adjust the color to match the real one as much as possible. According to the handmade nature of this offering, the measurements described above may differ a small bit from the real one.