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Shaving Soap - Green Tea

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Shaving Soap - Green Tea I bought P&C Green Tea Soap. I love it, but I am cheap. So when the soap gets down to a little piece too small to use, it should be thrown away. But did I mention, I am cheap. So I throw the little bit into my Shaving Mug. After a few bits where in there, I began experiencing an exceptional shave. No red skin, no painful shave, my razor was lasting a lot longer. No itching. My skin felt great, the soap foamed up exceptionally well and I experienced a very satisfying shave. So I went to "The Ladies of Loy Kroh" and asked them, "Can you make your soap round so it fits in my shaving mug?" Two days later I had this product in my hands and now you can have it too. Ingredients: Honey Tamarind Turmeric Gold Chicken Tea 50 grams $5.97 - includes shipping