New Arrival 2016! Vegetable Spiral Slicer Safety 2-Blade Design

Retail Price: $18.89
You Save: $6.99 (37%)
100% Brand New! SAFEST SPIRALIZER ON THE MARKET: The Ribbonizer's design is by far safer and more comfortable than all the handheld vegetable spiralizers with metal handles. It has an integrated finger guard that protects you from getting cut by the blade. You also never have to handle any blades when switching for a different size cut. MOST ERGONOMIC SPIRALIZER ON THE MARKET: The Ribbonizer's ergonomic two-piece all-plastic design is a pleasure to use. It addresses an inherent design flaw of all the spiral slicers with metal handles that dig into your skin and are very uncomfortable to use. EASIEST SPIRALIZER TO WASH: The snap-off design makes it much easier to wash in the dishwasher or by hand than the spiralizers with metal handles. Includes a free cleaning brush. PREMIUM QUALITY BPA-FREE MATERIALS: The body is made of extra durable BPA-free, food-grade plastic and the 2 blades are of superior quality Japanese stainless-steel blades that will never rust! EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA: The Ribbonizer comes in a Apple-like premium design box, which makes it perfect for an inexpensive yet super stylish gift.