GuruNanda Zen Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser w/Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

Retail Price: $79.99
You Save: $79.99 (100%)

The GuruNanda ultrasonic diffuser creates a cool air mist out of water and ultrasonic vibrations created by the low power ultrasonic plate inside. It’s a unique experience as the essential oils transport your senses to a lush forest or a lavender garden, helping relieve your stress and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The GuruNanda aromatherapy diffuser features LED lights with 7 soothing colors, and automatically shuts off when the water runs low; the diffuser holds enough water for about 6 hours of continuous or up to 18 intermittent use. can create an even more relaxing mood with your favorite soothing music from the built-in Bluetooth speaker.

Makes a great gift for anyone!

* Capacity of water tank: 230 ML
* Voltage: AC 24V 500mA
* Speaker Output: 3W/4R
* Frequency Response: 160 HZ-18K HZ

In the box:
* Mist Nozzle
* Cover
* Water Tank
* Oscillator Disk
* DC Plug
* AC Adapter

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