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Home Business Revolution's Greatest Entrepreneurs Series Volume 1


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We're also offering this SAME special deal on these two books:

* Home Business Revolution's Greatest Entrepreneurs Series Volume 2

* Internet Income Vol 1

About this book:

The Home Business Revolution's Greatest Entrepreneurs, details the strategies of individuals with well over 200 years of combined business experience...and collective earnings of over a half-million dollars a month!

These master entrepreneurs reveal:

  • How they got started, and how they made it to the top.

  • Their actual marketing techniques and strategies including direct mail, print media advertising, Internet marketing, and more.

  • How to set up your home offices for maximum efficiency, comfort and profits.

  • Their powerful financial and investment advice and best tax strategies.

  • Their keys to success and what they say are the absolute vital things you must do every week to achieve success.

  • How much they recommend you invest in starting a home business ...and what to invest it in.

  • What computer software, hardware, and peripherals they use and recommend.

  • What books and magazines they read.

  • Their favorite and most inspirational quotes and much much more!

Many of our interviewees are also some of the top network marketers in the world. Therefore, we've also included an ample portion of their best network marketing tips, strategies, and philosophies. Apply this incredible information, and your network marketing business will never be the same!

Additionally, included with the book is a Directory of proven sources for advertising, mailing lists, copy writers, Internet resources and more!

BOTTOM LINE: The most successful entrepreneurs in history have been saying it for years: If you want to be successful, emulate successful people. Through this incredible new book, NOW YOU CAN.

The Home Business Revolution's Greatest Entrepreneurs is destined to become one of the most widely read home business books ever published.

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