Laundry Clean Balls 6 pcs/set

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Description: Wool dryer balls can shorten drying time, soften and fluff fabric, and reduce static. They help bed sheets/clothes/towel stay untangled during the drying process, also can keep pet hair off of clothes. They are all-natural, with no synthetic fibers or chemicals used. Wool dryer balls are quieter and more gentle on clothing than plastic dryer balls with nubs. Using wool dryer balls saves your dryer from the residue left from liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Specifications Material: Wool Color: White Diameter: about 7cm(2.76”) Quantity: 6pcs/Set Feature: Wool fabric, reusable and natural Lasts for 1000 plus loads Great for the whole family Shortens drying time (use 3 balls for small/med load, 5-6 for large) Package Contents: 6 x Dryer Balls Warm Tips: - Try scenting the dryer balls by placing a few drops of essential oil (lavender, lemon, etc) on each ball. This will lightly scent your clothes! - Keep dryer balls away from pets. They will think they are fun toys and will run off with them. However, if you are fine letting your dog play with them and getting them dirty, our dryer balls also make safe and excellent fetch toys! They are great for both indoor and outdoor play as an alternative use. - Reduce static further by making sure clothing is not over-dried. Try taking clothes out sooner than you usually do. Instruction for Using: 1. Place wool dryer balls in the dryer with your laundry. 2. Use 3 to 4 balls for small or medium loads, and 5 to 6 for large loads. 3. Turn on dryer, and watch your clothes dry faster while your clothes get softer. The more balls you use, the faster they will dry.
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