New Arrival! Super Shower Support Grab Bar Grip Bathroom Safety Handle Rail

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You Save: $6.00 (34%)
100% Brand New! Description: - Made of Eco Friendly High Quality Plastic - Suitable for bath or shower for extra security. - Ideal for securely to any vertical or horizontal surface in seconds. - No Installation required, no drilling or holes - Can easily be removed and relocated. - Flip-up tabs create vacuum to securely hold the handle in place. Directions: Step 1: The item must be mounted on a clean, smooth, non porous surface. Ensure the surface is in good comdition and clean using non abrasive soap and water. Step 2: Inspect the rubber suction pads to ensure they are smooth and free from defects. Clean using on abrasive soap and water. Step 3: Ensure the suction cup os wholly within the tile and does not cross any grout lines. Step 4: With the tabs in the raised poisiton,press the Bath or Shower Support Bar firmly on to the surface. This will expel air from under the suction cup. Step 5: Press the tabs all the way down to ensure an air tight seal. Step 6: Repeat Step 4 and Step 5 on the other side of the Support Bar. Step 7: Ensure the Support Bar is securely attached before use. Colors: Blue, Gray, Green, Purple Package includes: 1 X Shower Handle