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Internet Income Vol 1


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About this book:

In writing Internet Income exclusively for SFI, author George Little shares his knowledge of Internet marketing and guides his readers in their quest to become successful entrepreneurs in charge of their own destinies.

This book is loaded with how-to's and strategies that you can put to work immediately. Such strategies as:

  • How to analyze Internet traffic at your own site(s),
  • The ten most common Internet marketing methods used by successful SFI Affiliates,
  • How to submit your Website(s) to the Yahoo Search Engine,
  • Paying for search engine attention and ranking,
  • Free advertising strategies and much much more.
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This exclusive, no-nonsense home-business series outlines in plain language how to master the complexities of the Internet, increase your online profits, and become a successful marketing expert. With so much valuable information packed into each lesson, it's no wonder that

Internet Income has been a popular mainstay with the SFI program for some time!

COMPLETELY UPDATED & REFRESHED to reflect current issues, Internet Income, Vol. 1, contains a smorgasbord of exclusive tips, advice, and step-by-step instruction that no home-business owner should be without. Whether you're a beginner to the world of online marketing or have some experience under your belt, Internet Income comes packed with pertinent, timely, and helpful strategies for your home-business...strategies that could have your company humming along like a well-oiled machine in no time!

Chapter topics in Internet Income include:

  • The Potential Of Internet Income
  • What Not To Do - Spam
  • Introduction To Internet Traffic
  • Ten Common Online Marketing Methods
  • History Of Affiliate Programs
  • Building Your Team Of Affiliates
  • Doorway Pages
  • Introduction To Search Engines
  • Introduction To Metatags
  • Submitting Your Website With The Yahoo! Search Engine
  • The Google Search Engine
  • The Open Directory Project (DMOZ)
  • Paying For Search Engine Attention And Ranking-An Overview
  • Putting The Principles To Work For You

Don't put off learning how to maximize your online profits and build a successful business any longer. Check out Internet Income, Vol. 1, today...Your home business will be glad you did!


George Little's interest in computers began at Florida State University in the 1970's. After obtaining his bachelor's degree in psychology in 1975, George programmed computers for a large industrial construction company. He returned to school before long, however, and received his Juris Doctorate degree, with honors, from the Florida State University School of Law in 1980. As a trial attorney, George has been a pioneer in the use of computers and the Internet in the practice of law. His other continuing interest, business writing for small-business owners, stems from his ghost writing of trade association newsletter articles while in law school. Since 1994, George has been the CEO of Panhandle On-Line Inc., an ISP in the Florida Panhandle, and has been a freelance writer and consultant on Internet Marketing. His two passions, the Internet and business writing, have coalesced in this Internet Income Course book series.

In the Internet Income Course book series, George's goal is to empower hard-working individual men and women who strive to achieve success and independence with researched information and proven strategies. In writing for the SFI Marketing Group, George freely shares his knowledge of Internet Marketing and guides his readers in their quest to become successful entrepreneurs in charge of their own destinies.

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