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Personal Website for your business

Retail Price: $100.00
You Save: $80.00 (80%)
We would build Your Own PersonalizedWebsite To Promote and Boost Your Business ! With seven pages. Your website contains the following pages listed below 1.Home - with description of your offer , your picture , video for Getting Started Tasks, slideshow with testimonials,and Call to action button pointing to your SFI gateway. 2. TripleClicks store- with desription , slideshow with 6 products, and Call to Action button pointed to your Triple clicks gateway. 3.Price benders Auction - Desription, two pictures with last winning products , and Call to Action Button pointed to your Pricebender gateway. 4.Eca program-With desription , and call to action button pointed to your ECA gateway. 5. Games page - include all popular games with little desription of each game. pictures and Call To Action buttons for each game. 6.About SFI -dESRIPTION ABOUT sfi wit picture and call to action button. 7. Contact page- Your picture , status , mail and call to action button. Website hits counter to have countrol daily visites.Social buttons if you like. We make this page on Wix who has hes own domain . NOTE: AFTER ORDER PLEASE READ YOUR MAIL IW WILL CONTACT YOU FOR DETAILS ABOUT COLLOR, PICTURE . We will build you Your own Personal Website within 7 -10 business days. How to use this? In stade of blocking links on social media use this Personal website to atract new psa , prm. Grab an opportunity to promote your online business with your own personalized website.