24K Eye Cream Skin Remove wrinkles

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effect: New Caviar Eye Wrinkles eye Rollerball essence, its innovative design a massage beads, caviar and massage technology perfect union; contains the pure essence of caviar, direct deep skin, instantly stimulate cell's vitality, tighten the eye around slack skin, eliminate fine lines around eyes, compact eye skin, delay of coarse grain production, inhibition of dry eye, eye irritation, make eyes moment with youthful mien. Let the heart of this window to regain the beautiful and healthy luster. Using method: Makeup before or after discharge makeup, take the beads in eye week skin gently rolling massage, installed essence follow automatically outflow, available fingertip light according to the coated parts help absorb. Note: (only for external use) Due to the different characteristics of each person's skin, so the adaptability of different cosmetics are different, in the use of any kind of a new cosmetics before you recommend the first trial in the ear. If you do not adapt to the feeling or the skin reaction, it is recommended that you suspend the use or consult a doctor
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