HOT Blackhead Acne Remover Pig Nose Mask

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Brand New & High quality. Main Ingredients: Step 1: Deionized water, trimethyl glycine, hyaluronic acid, chitin, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil. Step 2: Deionized water, glycerin, butylene glycol, polyquaternium -37, titania, Bamboo charcoal extract, silk protein, minerals. Step 3: Deionized water, propylene glycol, glycerin, witch hazel extract, trimethyl glycine, hyaluronic acid, pyrrolidone carboxylic acid sodium, hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, perfume. Efficacy: Specifically for the coarse pores and blackhead problems, which contains rich tender essence and seaweed and other natural ingredients, blackhead, acne, balance oil secretion, can effectively control the regeneration of blackhead and acne, and has a deep clean melting effect. Timely shrink pores, prevent telangiectasia, after use, make your nose bright white slip. Usage: Step 1: Can first with hot towel under the nose, so that pores fully open, remove the first white close in the nose area, wait 10-15 minutes gently uncover. Step 2: Wet nose, out of every two flour paste paper will tear down the transparent pink face affixed to the nose(Note:the one with the place, do not move), 10-15 minutes until completely dry after the nose paste slowly peeled off. Step 3: Remove the third blue paste, Fuyu nose, wait 15 minutes, speed of contraction expansion of the pores. Note: Use 1-2 times a week, do not use more than two times at the same part in a row, before put the third step(blue stickers) in the refrigerator before using, it will have a better effect on the pores. You can in accordance with the order 1-2-3, or you can only use step 1 and 3,and use step 2 occasionally. Package Included: 1 Set *3pcs Black Head Kit .