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Crispy Durian - 100% Dried Durian Pieces 2 Bags

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Crispy Durian 2 bags as pictured. Honestly, westerners don't like this fruit. I, though a US citizen and a true westerner, Love It. If you have never seen Durian you must do a Google Search. A fresh fruit here in Thailand is very spiny, dark green, about 15 inches long and 8 to 10 inches in diameter. It is called the King f the Fruits here in Thailand. It is very tasty and very expensive. A single fruit is about 3 KG and costs 180 Baht a Kilo, that is about $6. So that single fruit is about $18.00. And that is off the back of a truck on the street, not in a nice store. The edible fruit is creamy golden pillows inside this green spiny monster. The inedible flesh surrounding these pillows is about an 1/2 inch thick membrane inside the 1/4 inch spiny layer. When the pillow is finally free the cost of the pillow works out to close to 862 Baht a Kilo. That is about $13.06 a pound. There are Durians here in Thailand that are bought "on the tree" and thy go for about $600 US Dollars a kilo, Ouch. But you can have a taste of real Durian much more affordably.