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CeReal - Chocolate Malt Cereal Breakfast Beverage

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First things First With every order you will receive 1 additional free Packet. Health is Natural Even though our bodies routinely face assault from environmental toxins, ravages from psychological stress, and mistreatment from poor eating and sleeping habits, we are miraculously programmed and well equipped to remain disease free. The best way to support the body's own defenses is to consume nutrient dense, whole foods that contain protective nutraceuticals like antioxidants and essential amino acids. Benefits of Cereal products, gains: Rich in Fiber and Selenium, great for slimming Lower Cholesterol and substantially lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk Eating a serving of whole grains at least 6 times each week is an especially good idea for postmenopausal women with high cholesterol, high blood pressure or other signs of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Magnesium, another nutrient for which grains are a good source, has been shown in studies to be helpful for reducing the severity of asthma, lowering high blood pressure, reducing the frequency of migraine headaches, and reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Help Prevent Gallstones The difference between a whole grain and processed grains, whole grains have several layers. Only the outermost layer, the hull, is removed to produce what we call grain cereals. This process is the least damaging to the nutritional value and avoids the unnecessary loss of nutrients that occurs with further processing. Retaining the outermost layer creates stabilized bran. Stabilized bran contains over 120 antioxidants cofactors and catalysts that can protect your cells from being damaged by free radicals. If your grains are stabilized WITHOUT high heat or chemicals, they contain Protein, Complex Carbohydrates, Fiber, Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), Enzymes, Tocotrienols & Tocopherols (Complete Vitamin E family), Phytosterols and Sterolins (phytosterols glucosides), Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Gamma Oryzanol Complex, Polyphenols, Metal Chelators, Carotenoids, B-Vitamins & Vitamin-like substances, Polysaccharides, and Phospholipids. CeReal has turned this nutritional powerhouse into a delicious convenient cereal drink. Chocolate Instant CeReal Drink is the perfect way to lose weight, and yet gain the strength and energy you need to carry you through a hectic morning schedule. It has an almost cocoa flavor. It is not a sweet chocolate, Perfect breakfast partner!