NEW 2022 Xiaomi Youpin Xinzhi Relaxing Massage Hair Brush (2 colors)

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Before you order Please Note: It is Xiaomi ecological chain products [There is no any Xiaomi LOGO on it] XINZHI Soothing Pressure Elastic Comb Relaxing Elastic Massage Comb Portable Hair Brush Massage Brush - Wake Up The Scalp And Relieve Stress Soft comb with elastic spiral comb and memory function. When combing hair, you can adjust the soft contact with the scalp and hair follicle to better release pressure and improve the smoothness of scalp pores. - Soft Memory Comb Using elastic memory material, soft and elastic, when you touch the scalp, you can feel the natural bending of the force, avoid brute force pulling, over-stimulation of the scalp, hair follicles, etc. - Large Comb Double C Shape The oversized comb design covers half of the head at a time. The double C curvature is more suitable for any head or part, making the head more comfortable and improving the efficiency of combing hair. - Spiral Elastic Comb Body The comb has a spiral hollow design, like a freely retractable spring, which can adjust the elastic pressure up and down, helping each comb to reach the hair root to meet different comb requirements. Specification : Brand XINZHI Model XZ60019001 Material Elastic Memory Material Color Gray / Bean Red Weight 200g Size 228 x 76 x 39 mm Package Includes : 1 x Comb