2pcs 1000W Super Powerful Mini Car Speaker

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Features: - High efficiency dome tweeter. - More sound, less energy. - Instant installation. - Fits anywhere. - No magnetic field, tapes and credit cards are safe. - Built-in crossover. - For all car audio systems. - High sensitivity and smooth, extended frequency response . Note: - Before buying, please confirm installation size, ensure the length and height of machine panel is suitable for your car. - Before installation, please carefully check the car horn lines, if grounding or collising, please reconnect the lines before linking our machine, otherwise it may burn the machine. -The main function of tweeter is to express the exquisite sound, so the location of tweeter installation is very particular. If in the car audio modification, the installation position is not scientific, will cause the sound field effect is not ideal. -The tweeter should be installed as far as possible at the same level with the human ear, such as on the a-pillar of the car, or above the instrument panel. Some models are located on the door, so that the sound field is basically at the same level with the human ear, and the car owner can better experience the charm brought by music. Specification: Material: Metal + Plastic Voltage: 12V Maximum Power: 1000W Audio Response: 5KHZ-20KHZ Impedance: 4 SPL:98 dB (1W/1M) Size:60.9x50.8mm Color: Black Line Length:18cm Applicable Type: Universal Car Audio System Package include 2 x Speaker