Foot Nail Fungus Treatment Serum

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After being infected by fungus, finger nails or foot nails will become cracked and rough, with discoloration and separation, which will be harmful to nails’health. Herbaceous Nails Repairing Serum can effectively repair infected nails and help nails grow more healthily. Specification: Brand: JoyPretty Item type: Nails Repairing Serum Net weight: 0.67 OZ./20ml Target skin types: finger nails or foot nails Features: √ 1.Improve onychomycosis; √ 2.Soften infected nails; √ 3.Deeply nourish nails; √ 4.Thicken fragile nails. Usage: □ 1. Clean the nails with warm water; □ 2. Use a manicure knife to repair the grooves on the nail surface and clean the dirt; □ 3. Apply appropriate amount of Herbaceous Nails Repairing Serum on the infected nails; □ 4. Use once in the day and once in the night. Package Include: 1*Herbaceous Nails Repairing Serum