Wireless Headset with Flashlight - 120 Hours Playback

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Charge For 2 Hours Listening To Songs For 120 Hours Flash charging Type-C game ultra-low latency anti-wind noise call l ultra-large capacity design. Outdoor Flashlight Function Combined with the function of the flashlight, you can turn on the flashlight to illuminate when you encounter a dark place when you are running outdoors. Connect At Boot Memory connection. After connecting once, it will automatically connect after booting, and the operation is simple and cumbersome. IPX5 Waterproof Go anywhere, rain or shine, splash-proof, not afraid of rain washing, not afraid of sweat erosion. Comfortable In-ear Design The 45° inclined ear angle design fits each ear more stably, and is not easy to fall off. Magnetic Suction Type Automatic Adsorption If you don’t listen to music, you can automatically absorb it by merging the two sound chambers and place windings to prevent slippage. Biological Diaphragm 18mm Large Moving Coil The wonderful combination of carbon fiber composite diaphragm + large moving coil acoustic technology, resonates under the action of magnetoelectricity, and restores high-frequency bright and medium-frequency full music. The low frequency is thick and flexible. Support Large Capacity TF Card In the absence of Bluetooth, the earphone can play the music in the TF card, which is very convenient when used outdoors. Type-C Jack High Current Charging It only takes 2 hours to fully charge the headset. Sensitive Button Control You can answer or reject calls, adjust volume, switch music, and voice assistant functions by pressing buttons, so you don't need to adjust music on your phone. Three-dimensional Soft Halter Skin-friendly material. Flexible and lightweight, the collar has memory rebound characteristics, even if it is pulled a lot, it can be restored to its original shape, strong and durable. Voice Assistant You can wake up the voice assistant by pressing the button, and you can control the music after activation. Play As Much As You Like High-strength hanging neck material, no matter if the earphone is twisted at a large angle, it will not cause damage. Anti-wind Noise Call Automatically switch the anti-wind noise mode during a call, effectively shielding daily noise, balancing ear pressure, and listening comfortably. Suitable for noisy cafes, offices, outdoor streets and windy weather. 9D Stereo Bass Excellent sound quality. On-site sound effects. Take you to experience a different musical feast. Acoustic Engineering Technology Accurate analysis of low frequency, medium and high frequency details, high-fidelity restoration of sound texture. Reality Sound The Bluetooth headset is equipped with the latest dynamic speaker amplifier, large dynamic driver, Hi-Fi sound quality, deep bass, 9D surround sound, as if you are listening to a concert on the spot, providing you with real sound. Package Contents 1 x True Wireless Stereo Earbuds 1 x Type-C Charging Cable 1 x User Guide