Acupressure Reflexology Massage Therapy Slippers (4 sizes)

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Features: • Stimulate Acupuncture points of the plantar reflex zones. • Acupressure Slipper (Soft Points to Prevent Injury). • Mini Leg Massager. • Pain Relief. • Activate All Massage Points. • Improve the foot micro-circulation. • Stress Reduction. Description: 1. Chinese acupoint massage therapy, medical massage shoes 2. With 78 rotating massage acupuncture buttons, wear-resistant rubber soles have a good effect on the body circulation and leg cramps. 3.Flexible hard silicone rotating massage buttons and Tai Chi Bagua acupoints help stimulate foot vital point massage. 4.Adoption of sticker design enables shoe surface to be adjusted optionally, even for high-instep people. 5.Foot massage is based on reflexology. It’s good for body circulation and cramps of the legs. 6.Rejuvenate organs and keep them healthy with daily reflexology treatments, while you wash the dishes or vacuum the carpet. VERY POWERFUL pressure/release slipper focuses on the reflexology zones that affect every vital organ in the body. The red nodes contain powerful magnets for extra reflexology/magnet therapy at specific points, providing even more holistic health benefits. Adjustable strap keeps foot secure to provide best contact with acupressure nodes. These slippers provide customized, direct, specific reflexology therapy that will benefit the whole body, from head to sole! Usage Wear the slippers first thing in the morning as you prepare for work or other activities. As they stimulate nerve endings and increase blood flow to the body, they also help eliminate retained water and toxins. If the pressure of the spring-nodes is intense at first, wear a pair of socks while using them until your feet become accustomed to the stimulation. Wear after bath or shower to increase the detoxifying effects of hydration and heat. Foot massage is one of the most unbelievably relaxing treats you can give yourself. Foot massage is based on reflexology. It involves applying focused pressure to certain known reflex points located in the foot to cure or prevent disease. It is believed that our nerve zones or reflex points go from the bottom of our feet to the top of our head, encompassing all vital organs on the way. Fifteen minute use per day helps relieve aches and pains as well as aiding in maintaining overall health. Acupressure Function Each nodes have different pressures on the springs to give more push where you need it most Magnetic Function Magnets have been strategically placed to provide magnetic therapy which aids in healthy blood circulation. Shoe size:38/39 length: about 26cm-26.5cm/10.24in-10.43in Shoe size:42/43 length: about 28cm-29cm/11.02in-11.42in Package include: 1x Pair of slippers