Nimble - The One Finger Safety Cutter

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Nimble Tactical Knife Folding Pocket Knife Half Serrated Ceramic Blade and Pocket Finger Handle Perfect for Home Office Outdoor SIMPLE & WIDELY TO USE: Just set on your hands and fingers change to knife instantly, save for searching for a ball-point pen, the key box tools, can break up the battery compartment, toothbrush packaging, express box, food packaging, envelope, manual, cut out magazine coupons, etc. EXPECIALLY FOR CHILDREN & OLD: You never know how difficult for children and old torn their packaging. When they are full of expectation to open their own gifts, very hard, we are willing to give them a good help. ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Don't worry about Size, the unique spiral jack, the more inward the smaller Size, suitable for different male and female users DON'T WORRIED TO HURT YOURSELF: Although the sharp blade, but it is too small, cannot penetrate the skin damage, this is because the skin is bouncy, but we still suggest children when use should be treated with appropriate supervision MAIN MATERIAL: Plastic, blade material; Ceramic blade, size: general Easily open packets & parcels with 1 finger and cut tape and wrapping paper too... you’ll be surprised how often you reach for Nimble! Multi-award-winning cutting tool Nimble lets you say goodbye to wasted time with a swipe of your finger. Nimble Can Be Used Many Different Ways Open plastic packets of food in the kitchen. Open shrink wrapped, cellophane wrapped and other plastic packed items from around the house. Cut out vouchers and news clippings. Open envelopes. Cut open parcels. Cut sticky tape and wrapping paper. Nimble's Blade is Safe on Skin You don't have to worry about hurting yourself as, although Nimble's blade is sharp, it is too small to penetrate skin and cause injury. This is because skin is too tough and flexible so bends out of the way. Me and many others have personally tested this! This safety makes Nimble a great alternative to scissors and knives, even more so for children.* Nimble is One-Size-Fits-All Nimble's special sleeve profile expands and contracts to fit all finger sizes so you don't have to worry which size to get. It Has Been Thoroughly Tested by 150 Volunteers Nimble was been tested thoroughly at home by 150 volunteers to make sure it's up to the job. The feedback we got from them blew us away! Color: Yellow Item Package Quantity 1