Ranong Thai Tea Mix 3 in 1

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Be sure to choose your number of Packets. The price drops significantly with a volume order. Ranong Tea a leader in the industry with a wide range of teas of various types. Thai Tea has a National identity for people and is widely popular in other countries in Europe, the Americas and throughout Asia. Ranong Tea is a carefully selected quality tea leaves extracts of black tea powder. The Authentic Thai Tea is blended with good aroma & mild taste from fresh tea leaves. We are proud to invite you to enjoy the Best Thai Tea. Ingredients Creamer 57.7%, Sugar 28.0%, Whole Milk Powder 8.0%, Black Tea Powder 5.8%, Nature - identical flavor, Artificial Color (INS 102, INS 133), Sweeteners (Aspartame, Acesulfame K) Contains a source of phenylalanine, Contains Milk and Milk Products How to use: 1. Mix one-fourth cup of hot water (60 cc.) with one bag 3 in 1 Thai tea mix 2. Simply stir it for melting or dissolving. or Iced: 1. Mix one-fourth cup of tepid water (60 cc.) stir it together 2. Add some ice later as needed.