Tourmaline Self Heating Magnetic Therapy Knee Support Belt

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2pcs Tourmaline Self Heating Kneepad Magnetic Therapy Knee Support Tourmaline Heating Belt Knee Massager Health Care Tool Function 1. treatment as far as possible, relax your knee, slowly increase pressure 2. new and high quality 3. Self-heating pad designed for the knee 4. High elastic belt, good elastic, wear comfortable, paste and firm, changeless form 5. Can effectively improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and clear the meridians, enhance immunity 6. To promote the new supersedes the old. The body, regulate the nervous system, endocrine activation. Analgesia Quhan, dilation of blood vessels. Alleviate the physical local fatigue and pain. Burning excess body fat to achieve some goal of losing weight. A healthy person's daily health care 7. Have anti-inflammatory and analgesic, swelling the role 8. Easy to use, discreet and can be used anywhere any time 9. Safe & comfortable to wear 10. Outer layer: Ultra soft self-adhesive cloth, easy to take on / off (Can adjust the size) 11. According to each person body circumstance, decided to match the length of time 12. A few skins sensitive populations appear when using skin burning, redness, is normal phenomenon, will not damage the skin, can be worn time shorten Size: As pictures shown Package content: 1 pair (2pcs) * Tourmaline self-heating kneepad Magnetic Therapy Usage: 1. Apply on knee directly. 2. After 20 minutes you could feel the heat(If you could not feel the heat, you could just wipe the surface of the insoles with wet towel.) 3. Twice a day, about 3 hours for each time(do not use when sleeping) 4. It is normal that some people with sensitive skin may feel burn or skin turns red. It would hurt skin, could shorten use time according to individual circumstance. 5. You could also wear the brace through clothing but the heating effect will decrease and the magnetic effect will work as normal.