FREE SHIPPING-Rechargeable Mini Stereo Audio FM Radio USB TF MP3 Player-Red Color

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Mini Portable Radio Handheld Digital FM USB TF MP3 Player Speaker Rechargeable-Red Color Package included: 1 x Portable radio 1 x 18650 battery 1 x USB charging cable Specification: Color:Red Power Output: 3W THD: ≤5% Speaker: 57mm 3Ω Freq.Response:240Hz-15KHz FM Frequency:70MHz-108MHz Input Power:DC 5V 0.5A Battery:18650 3.7V/1200mAH Features: -Super LOUD despite its small size. -Plays up to 8000 songs in MP3 format. -Easy to use. -Power:Slide to switch ON or OFF. -Mode:Press to change source between MP3(USB/SD) AND FM.In FM mode,press and hold to auto-search and preset station frequency. -Previous:In MP3 mode, press to skip to previous track,press and hold to fast backward a track.In FM mode,press to selection previous preset station. -Next: In MP3 mode,press to skip to next track,press and hold to fast forward a track. In FM mode,press to selection next preset station. -Vol. Down:Press to decrease volume. -Vol. Up:Press to increase volume. -Number 0-9: In MP3 mode,press to select the specific track you want to listen (e.g. press 28 to select the 28th track in your playlist) . In FM mode, press to enter the station you want to listen(e.g. press 898 to select the 89.8MHz broadcasting station) . -USB Port:Insert USB flash-drive to play music track. -Headphone:Insert headphone if you do not want to disturb others when listening. -TF slot: Insert microSD flash-drive(TFcard) to play music track. -DC 5V:Connect the provided power cable(USB-mini USB)to charge battery.