NEW Upgraded Nano Sponge - Magic Eraser 5pcs

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Upgraded version of the fifth generation of Emery sponge. The sand layer is thicker, with less sand and longer life; Imported environmentally friendly glue, safe and reliable use, high density, wear-resistant, pot descaling, no damage to utensils; High cleanliness, physical friction, health and environmental protection; wide use, brush pot, wiping board, grinding tools, etc.; toughness, not easy to break, tough and durable Strong decontamination ability, can effectively remove the stubborn stains on the pot to make the pot a new look, use the sponge to wet before use. Emery surface has large friction, wear-resisting and durable, environmentally-friendly glue is firm and does not degumming, and sponge has strong water absorption. Specifications: Quick and clean without scratches, no scratches, comfortable and easy to maintain shape, even with a small amount of detergent can easily foam. High-density sponge with good resilience and deformation. Antibacterial sponge kitchen. Disinfect and reuse in the dishwasher! Our four-sided sponges use high-quality viscose for superior scratch-free cleaning, up to 50% longer than traditional cleaning sponges. It is easier to remove all kinds of hard scales and is widely used in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, outdoor dishes, basins, cars, glass, tables, wash basins, etc. Material:Sponge, Nano Emery Color: black Size:10*7*1.2cm Weight:12g Package Included: Sponge*5