Negative Ion Mini Air Purifier Home Ozonator 110-240V

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110-220V Portable Negative Ion Air Purifier Ozonator Air Cleaner Oxygen Bar Purify Air Kill Bacteria Virus Ionizer Mini small Air cleaner, Focused on indoor air purification, make your living environment just like being in the forest, natural and comfortable :) Super silent running mode, high quality of anion generator. Knob switch, energy conservation and emissions reduction, circular tuyere grid, easy to use and environmental friendly. It has 7 purification effects : Prevent electrical radiation; Prevent pollen allergy; Removal of formaldehyde and toluene; Improve sleep quality; Remove the peculiar smell smoke; Increase the oxygen content; Prevent respiratory tract disease. More Tips : 1. The air purifier will release a lot of negative ions, which is a colorless, odorless gas, so you can't feel smell even using for hours. If someone is smoking in the home, the secondhand smoke decreased significantly after using the machine. 2. Negative ions has strong adsorption to pollutants, like dust in the air and second-hand smoke. So after using for a long time, dust and other things will be gathering around the purifier. Use towels with little alcohol to clean the machine shell and wall, they would be bright as new. Specification : Product name : Personal air purifier ionizer Style : Air Purifier Function : Sterilize, removing dust and smoke or bad smell, and good for health :) Purification technics : Negative Ion Rated voltage : 110-220V Compatible Power supply mode : AC Power (W) :