Elegant Smart Watch - Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Monitoring

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Monitor Your Health Anytime, Anywhere in Real Time! It's the first smartwatch that reports heart rate & blood pressure in the market. It's good for fitness and activity tracking. The product is made of different materials and colors, following the latest fashion trends, it makes you confident to face different people and occasions. In the traditional movement of the step ring built-in optical blood pressure, heart rate sensor, real-time blood pressure, and heartbeat detection! Monitoring your health in real time. Accessibility is one problem, accuracy is the other; you'll find some non-FDA approved blood pressure trackers that claim to estimate a pressure reading, but that won't be enough to convince your doctor that the information you're sharing is valid - which makes the entire exercise pointless. Through “Find The Phone” function, there will be no worries of missing phone again when a mobile phone is beyond the valid Bluetooth distance (6m-10m) with the device, the smart band will vibrate to remind. Continuously track your daily life in 24hours, works for 5 days on a single charge, it is really convenient, fast and your close partner. Blood Pressure & Blood Oxygen Monitor With the assistance of the built-in blood oxygen meter, one can accurately monitor the blood oxygen saturation and pulse, to avoid the cumbersome trip to the hospital. It can detect family and their physical condition at anytime, anywhere. Can effectively prevent danger. If you encounter hypoxia, you can detect it early and greatly reduce the change of disease onset. Every day, you receive messages and notifications from social media and email, but you can’t be expected to take your phone out every second… this is not true for people who are in this business though. Every notification and every message is important. While having your smartphone helps solve this problem, you can’t always reach your phone instantly. That’s where the smart wristbands come in.They act as modern “beepers” if you will. You can visually see if you have any message or email or notification that needs your attention right away just by looking at the band. It eliminates the need for you to check your phone every time and what’s interesting is, it has some great features that could enhance your daily life. Because of the nature of the operating systems that are included in these devices, they are capable of installing android (or iOS) apps that can track your heart rate, calories, blood pressure, and a lot more. It’s a revolutionary tech that could one day save your life and even enhance it! All-In-One: 1.14inches Screen Touch panel IP68 waterproof Metal for Main Body Leather strap High end low power sensor (High accuracy) Bluetooth Version: 4.0 Heart Rate.Blood pressure TPU strap (replaceable) Other functions: Heart rate Blood pressure Notification (With content for Facebook, twitter, Whats app, Wechat, Messaging, Calling) Optional Pedometer Sedentary Reminder(APP) Sleep Monitor Product hardware parameters main chip:NRF52832 sensor: YI GUANG PD70-01C-TR7 Max External Memory Support (T Flash) (GB):64KB+512KB & add another flash:64M Byte Screen type: IPS 1.14inches Colorful LCD charging method: waterproof level:IP68 Product software parameters System Requirements: support IOS 9.0+ and Android 4.4+ Bluetooth version:BT4.0 language support: APP: Support English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Vietnamese, Portuguese. The bracelet supports multi-language push (including Latin in the language), Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, covering 150 national languages. Product specification Smart Watch Weight (g): 25g Smart Watch Dimension (mm): 49mm*22mm*12(mm) Gift box Weight (g): 122g Packing list: Package included 1 x Smart Wristband 1 x USB Cable 1 x User Manual Conclusion This health smartwatch can help you lose weight and maintain your fitness goals, can offer the motivation of a personal trainer, the insights of a sleep therapist and you can even count every calorie going in and out. The fitness and health functionality of these devices can help you to maintain a day to day fitness schedule and help you reach your weight loss goals. Be fashionable and be fit! This is the latest in the smart watch industry -- all-in-one wrist watch that monitors vital signs of your health. To be healthy and well is a dream for every person, and this beautiful-elegant device absolutely can help you. Buy this one for your loved one - change their lifestyle, this amazing device can even measure your blood pressure as well. Like any other devices, data from the device are for guideline & reference only and should not be used as medical advice.