Fitness Exercise/Yoga/Stability Ball w/Heavy Duty Gym Quality Resistance Bands & Pump

Retail Price: $45.70
You Save: $45.70 (100%)

Improve your balance and core strength while relieving back pain and promoting good posture with the Fitness Exercise/Yoga/Stability Ball.

A complete home gym system, this exercise kit includes an exercise yoga ball, base (stability ring), and resistance bands suitable for a wide variety of strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance exercises right in the comfort of your own home.

Loads of Extras – The Fitness Exercise Ball comes with all of the items to extend your workout and keep you fit. The resistance bands feature cushioned handles so you can exercise in comfort and allow various levels of resistance so you can trade up as you get stronger. Additionally, an exercise poster displays over 100 isolation exercises for you to try, and the included pump makes inflation of the exercise ball simple and easy.

Safety First – Constructed with highly durable PVC, the Superior Fitness Exercise Ball is built to be anti-burst, while a stability ring holds the ball firmly in place during your workouts for safety and peace of mind.

Perfect For Everywhere – Whether at home or the office, the Fitness Exercise Ball lets you get fit anywhere; ideal for physical therapy as well...anywhere you need to burn fat while working your muscles and firming your core!