Gym Fitness Yoga Foam Roller Set

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Great for massage, physical therapy, crossfit, yoga, and more, this versatile Gym Fitness Yoga Foam Roller Set will keep up with your changing fitness needs, soothe your sore muscles, and ease feelings of fatigue. Each set includes a round ball, peanut ball, and roller for maximum versatility in your workouts.

Use the roller (45*14cm) for leg shaping, Pilates, and stretching back muscles, and the round (24*12cm) and peanut (16*8cm, 8*8cm) foam balls to pinpoint painful areas and massage out muscle knots. Made from high density EPP foam, this set cleans up easily and will last for years!

The round and peanut shaped foam balls are black. Roller colors available in purple marble, blue-green, blue-pink, or blue marble.

NOTE: Actual brand may vary