Powerful Face Whitening Cream - Remove Melasma Pigmentation Melanin Dark Spots

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facial Anti Wrinkle Face Cream Lifting Firming Whitening Moisturizing Skin Care Repair Treatmentfreckle removal cream beauty Net content: 40g Efficacy: eliminate melanin, blain to imprint, sunburn, improve yellowing of the darkness, maintain the skin elasticity, glittering and translucent and tender Usage: 1. The spot cream point to facial features (forehead, nose, cheek and chin). 2. According to the order of the u-shaped parts to T parts, to spot cream to put on the palm of your hand to the facial features. 3. Slowly massage face with finger. 4. Pat gently with the palm face and help skin to absorb nutrients medicated cream. Suggestion: use a full course effect more apparent (3 box as a course)