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Strawberry Dipped Solar Dried Banana

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Strawberry Dipped Solar Dried Banana Dried in a control glass parabolic dome environment and certified to international hygiene standard. All our Dried Banana Products have No artificial flavoring and coloring: natural sweetness from premium bananas. No Sugar Added Chewy Soft Fruit Thai Snacks. "Banana Society" is the first innovation of dried banana of its kind in Thailand. Developed from traditional production of dried bananas in Bagkratum District, Pitsanuloke Province. But now with modern manufacturing systems and standardized Parabola Drying Techniques. This adds value and improved products for consumers. The objective, to preserve environment and create internationally accepted quality. Banana Society shifted the production to drying in Parabola Domes. This was developed by the Department of Food Technology, Faculty of Engineering and Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Silpakorn University with support from Industrial Technology Assistance Program and The Thailand Research Fund. Parabola Dome can control temperature, moisture and drying period resulting in spotless, smooth color, tasty and larger size of dried bananas.