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STAY SAFE AT NIGHT WITH INCREASED VISIBILITY. We all know how dangerous it is to cycle at night. In 2016 alone, 18,477 cyclists were injured in road accidents, of which 3,499 were killed or seriously injured. Majority of these accidents were caused by the lack of visibility at night - even though most of these cyclists have LEDs installed on their bikes or helmets. Unfortunately, these precautionary actions are simply not enough. Introducing RapidReflect™, the perfect solution to visibility at night without expensive LEDs that require a constant change of batteries. SAFETY FIRST: RapidReflect™ gives you a peace of mind cycling in the dark - your life is precious, stay safe & sound no matter the weather or season. CUSTOMIZATION: Easily form non-static light patterns by cutting them up into smaller pieces, increasing your visibility for greater safety. COST-EFFECTIVE: RapidReflect™ does not require any batteries nor maintenance, helping you save a huge chunk of money over long periods of time. EASY TO USE: Snaps in place in seconds, no more time wastage on trying to figure out how to screw in those LEDs on your bikes. AERODYNAMIC EFFICIENCY: Does not add any weight nor drag, leaving you with top-notch performance all year round. 360 VISIBILITY: RapidReflect™ provides all-round protection - gone are the days of installing multiple LEDs or reflectors. INDESTRUCTIBLE: RapidReflect™ is fully waterproof and dust-proof - providing you protection without constant maintenance. ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Works perfectly with most bikes in the market. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 12pcs RapidReflect sticks