Eternal Ems Eye Care Massager

Retail Price: $200.00
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This eye care massager relieves eye fatigue and tension caused by extended use of computers, mobile screens, television, other LED emitting devices, and long period of driving, reading, studying, or performing similar tasks. It removes metabolic wastes that may cause cataract, glaucoma, floaters, red eyes, and many other eye conditions. It promotes blood circulation and nutrients to the eyes. Its acupressure function also relaxes the eye muscles and helps to relieve sore eyes, migraines and even sinus problems, as well as revive you from the draining effects of puffy eyes, myopia, far-sightedness, headache, and brain fatigue etc. The eye massager clears nasal congestion as it massages the ridge of the nose, giving the user great relief. It also helps to eliminate dark rings and wrinkles around the corners of the eyes. The massager can also be used as beauty therapy; it massages the facial muscles thus improving beauty. It also relieves insomnia (Difficulty in falling asleep) by inducing a state of deep relaxation that allows for restful nights. This Eye Massager is a product of Eternal Biotechnology Company Limited, China, manufacturers of high quality healthcare products. The company adopts the world’s most advanced production technology derived from extensive science and technology research in the production of the massager. This massager is suitable for: office workers, teachers, students and all those who suffer short-sightedness, eye strain due to overuse of brain and eyes through constant reading or wearing of glasses. It is also ideal for people whose work involves constant use of computers and these include journalists, accountants, computer operators, computer graphic designers, IT engineers, etc. It is also good for factory operators and people who drive for long hours. Beauty-conscious men and women can also use this massager to enhance their beauty and make them look younger. It will help remove wrinkles around the corner of the eyes. People who find it difficult to fall asleep at night or have constant headache can rely on the massager to provide the needed relief. How to use the eye massager The Eternal Eye Care Massager is a hard plastic device designed to be worn like sun glasses. It sits comfortably on the nose ridge and projects towards the ears where it is joined with two straps that fasten at the back of the head. The inside curve of the massager has soft pliable tubes whose ends serve as acupuncture points. The device, which comes in single unit package, is battery operated and it uses two AAA batteries. The massager has a timer function which allows you to set the required workout time. It can be worn for three to five minutes daily before going to sleep. It can also be set on the basis of mode – soft, moderate and strong massage, as required. Please remove the batteries for safe-keeping when not in use. CAUTION: Children under 8 years should use the eye massager only with parental supervision. The eye massager should not be used if you have undergone eye surgery in the last two years. This product should not be used while driving or performing some other tasks.