100% Pure Natural Aloe Vera Gel 120ml

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Product Description: 1.This aloe vera gel made with 95% aloe vera primary liquid from Chejudo,South Korea,effectively relieves redness, itching and other discomfort after sunburn. 2.This aloe vera gel can effectively relieve all kinds of skin problems such as dry,oily and fragile caused by sun,climate and mosquito bites. 3.This aloe vera gel contains aloe vera extract and bradykininase help to prevent acne and reduce the redness and inflammation that acne causes. 4.Non-greasy aloe vera gel can easily absorbed into the skin, effectively soothing and hydrating. 5.It can also be used as a mask, body lotion, and hair care cream for a variety of purposes. 6. Shelf Life: 3 years 7. 7.Suitable For:All Season and All Skin Package Include: 1* 120ml Aloe Vera Gel