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SFI LaunchPack


Are you a new SFI affiliate? Ready to get "fully-launched?" Then the SFI LAUNCHPACK is for you!

Engineered to be the perfect product for new SFI affiliates, LaunchPack comes with SEVEN awesome "let's-blast-off!" components:

1500 VersaPoints
Instant EA (Executive Affiliate) status is granted when purchasing LaunchPack! This secures ALL EA perks, including a minimum of 1500 shares of the Executive Pool (immediate earnings), 50% Direct Commissions on PSAs and PRMs, and more than a dozen other powerful business-building perks (see Benefits Chart)!

30-days access to ECommergy (w/100 giftable Rewardical tokens)
ECommergy will help you become a successful entrepreneur and build a highly-profitable ecommerce business. For a FULL 30 days, you'll have total access to the entire, invaluable ECommergy database of articles, audios, and videos, with new content added daily!

40 mighty TCredits
With TCredits on hand, you can immediately begin sampling our popular 24-hour auctions, Eager Zebra games, and more. Learn more about TCredits HERE. NOTE: Your first 30 TCredits are delivered immediately, the remaining 10 are subsequently received as part of the standard monthly TCredits Bonus for EAs.

15 CSAs
With your purchase of LaunchPack, you'll start your SFI business with an "instant team" of newly-joined CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates) that can generate earnings for you month after month. Learn more about your role as a Co-Sponsor. NOTE: Your first 5 CSAs are delivered immediately, the remaining 10 are subsequently received as part of the standard monthly CSAs Bonus for EAs.

Free participation in 10 Astro Auctions
We want every affiliate to experience Astro, one of Zing Network's true jewels! So every new affiliate launching their business with LaunchPack will receive FREE participation in 10 auctions (one per day) with guaranteed prizes in all of them, starting the day following their LaunchPack purchase. NOTE: For each day you are eligible for free participation, you'll receive a friendly email with a link to join an auction of your choosing.

A special "LAUNCHED!" badge
By starting your business with LaunchPack, you will immediately receive a special "Launched!" badge recognizing your "fully-launched" status. Your new badge also gets you off and running in SFI's popular Badge Quest contest and comes with 25 points!

50 Rewardicals
LaunchPack include 50 Rewardicals, our popular reward tokens which can be redeemed for a variety of great products to help you build your SFI business. NOTE: The 50 Rewardicals are subsequently received as part of the standard monthly Rewardicals Bonus for EAs.

At just $19.98, LaunchPack is a tremendous deal, too. All the goodies we've packed into LaunchPack are valued at over $52! You save a whopping $32.02, more than 60% off the regular price! PLUS, you get instant delivery and no shipping fees! Get fully-launched NOW!

IMPORTANT! LaunchPack is available for any affiliate who joined SFI on or after September 1, 2019, during their first 60 days. Limit: ONE per affiliate