Customized Video Splash Pages

Retail Price: $12.00
You Save: $6.02 (50%)
You will receive your own video splash page for social media advertising. That splash page will include your ads. I will send you a link for the splash page which you can share on social media in a social way. But when the prospect views your share they will also be politely exposed to your ads. Select your desired "page" from the drop down options. Each one is a video you can share and I will customize it with your ads. The ads will be content appropriate, but if you don't like what I deliver we can change that together. For example: Video Content about building your business Video content designed to motivate and inspire Video content for entertainment or humorous purposes Everyone shares web pages and fun pictures. Don't just share, leverage your sharing to advertise your business along with high quality and value content videos! Quick and easy way to keep your business in front of your audience. No hard sell. They see the content you share but below the video is your advertising. I can provide you a link to all the pages so you can see and select your choice. Just contact me requesting the sales page.