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Compact Shopping Tote Bags

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It is a concern worldwide. Thailand is no different. In order to reduce the consumption of plastic every major retailer, 7/11, Tesco Lotus, Big C, Robinson's department store, and many many more have discontinued the use of plastic bags. In 2019 every major store observed "No Plastic Wednesday" They were attempting to train the public in providing a more durable less wasteful form for packing your groceries and purchased items. How many times did I say to my wife, "I left the bags in the car." Or how many times to you intend to buy one or two items but find 8 in your cart. In 2020 these stores have banned plastic 100%. Plastic Bags are unavailable. You must bring your own. Now we have for you a compact large durable tote bag to stick in your purse or pocket and never get caught Bagless. These bags are of a variety of colors and patterns. When you make a purchase selecting a specific color or pattern is not available. These are not fashion but function. We are saving the Planet in our own small way. The results of Thailand's policy change is a decrease of 13.5 Billion Plastic Bags... Do your part! NOTE: Your tote bag color may vary, based on availability.