Feather Christmas Three

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Did you know, feather tree was the first artificial Christmas tree that came into existence? Yes, not aluminum, not glass, but feather Christmas tree came into being in the year 1845. And it wasn’t out of fashion, but out of necessity. In the mid-19th century, deforestation was rampant in Germany, especially during the Holiday season. This led people to create and make use of feather Christmas trees to beautify their houses during the holiday season. Until now, we’ve seen different styles and kinds of feather Christmas trees come and go, but the usage of it never entirely faded. So if you’re thinking of decorating your house with feather Christmas tree, you’re at the right place. Below is our collection of fluffy and fabulous feather Christmas tree decoration ideas to give a contemporary look to your décor. Goose feathers were plentiful and these feather trees began to be produced as a cottage industry as the alternative to cutting a live tree. Feather trees should be stored in a closet or a climate-controlled location, not in an attic or basement where they will be exposed to extreme heat or moisture. Avoid storing your tree in an airtight container; instead, cover it with a pillowcase (or paper bag) with cedar blocks. Color: Pink Package Size: 530 x 160 x 160 mm Size: about 30cm high Fast shipping 7 to 17 days to USA.