TenTen Labs Wine Aerator Pourer

Retail Price: $18.95
You Save: $1.40 (7%)

Life is too short for cheap wine! Smell the aromas and taste the nuances of the wine the way it was meant to be experienced with the TenTen Labs Wine Aerator Pourer. This set of two pourers optimizes oxygen intake to maximize the potential of your wine and transform your average experience to a GREAT one every time.

A compact, drip-proof design with a rubber stopper fits 95-98% of wine bottles, while a sturdy plastic spout with silicon cap for no-hassle cleaning keeps the pourer ready when you are. Just run under warm water for a few seconds with a little soap and rinse.

A GREAT gift for any wine connoisseur!

KEY FEATURES: * Immediately improve the smell and flavor of your wine
* Compact design is perfect for parties and events
* Perfect for gifting
* Modern design is both functional and beautiful
* Rubber cap grips bottle tightly to ensure there are no drips