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Simicore Charging Station For Multiple Devices

Retail Price: $42.89
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Say goodby to cluttered cables and crowded outlets stuffed with chargers...the Simicore Charging Station For Multiple Devices keeps everything in one place—nice, clean and organized! Featuring 4 slots and 4 USB ports that can hold and charge up to 4 devices simultaneously, the Simicore Charging Station includes Smart Charging Technology that auto-magically shifts gears when needed to provide the highest and safest power to all of your power-hungry devices. This cutting-edge circuitry protects against short-circuits, over-voltage, over current, and over-charging of your expensive devices; each port recognizes the exact voltage requirements of a connected device, and matches the power output for a safe and quick charging. A rubbery base also ensures a good grip for securely holding all your devices.

The charging station works seamlessly with all USB-powered devices, such as Apple iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones, tablets, cameras, eReaders, Bluetooth headsets, speakers and more. Includes 2 lightning cables for Apple products and 2 micro USB and 1 Type-C cable for Android devices.

Customers will receive charging station in silver.