ECG+PPG Smart Bracelet - Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Monitor Band (4 colors)

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Note 1.The principle of wearable device measurement is completely different from that of medical equipment. It is only for sports and fitness reference, thank you. 2.Charge for 3 hours when using for the first time. 3.Please download the APP before use. Main features: Display sports data ● For Health management, Keeping data for 30 days. Pedometer, Support Sport times, calorie calculation Blood Pressure Monitor ● The device will measure the blood pressure once a hour if turn on "Sharp-hour measurement" button in "Device Management" once it connected successfully .You can also manually measure the BP from the device. (Data is for reference only) Heart Rate Monitor ● The device will measure the heart rate once a hour if turn on "Sharp-hour measurement" button in "Device Management" once it connected successfully. (Data is for reference only) ECG & PPG ● 24-hour continuous monitoring and analysis of blood flow under the skin through the green light sensor led light ,the heart rate is displayed in real time using the photo-electric volume pulse wave tracing method. (Data is for reference only) Sleep Mode ● When sleep, band will automatically monitor how long and how well you sleep. Please setup sleep time from "Personal information". (pls wear the band when you sleep so as to record your sleep data) Reminder ● Support for alarm, drink water, Sedentary, Calling, SMS (Message, QQ, Wechat, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Line, Whatsapp), Anti-lost Reminding. The watch will remind you with vibration. (turn on the notification button from "Device management -Reminder" Other Function ● Time, Remote Camera, Find the band, Pedometer, vibrating reminder, Anti-lost, Distance Calculation Alarm clock. Stop watch. APP Language ● Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Greek, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese. Smart bracelet ● Chinese, English. APP & Bracelet Search “H Band” at app Store, or scan the QR code and download “H Band”