Powder for Fermenting Pork (Nam Powder)

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Powder for Fermenting Pork (Nam Powder) Weight 70 gram. A unique taste from Thailand which can be applied to variety menus / Makes 2 servings Nam Moo DedDiew - A Grilled Pork Snack Nam Pork Ribs Nam Beef Jerky Nam Chicken Wings Nam Pork Sausage Nam is fermented pork and this is the spice power you would add to make Nam. Often consumed raw but after fermentation has occurred,.It is often accompanied with shallot, ginger, bird's eye chili peppers and spring onions. When the pork is fermented, it is effectively "cooked." Similar to curing a ham. The fermentation process produces the lactic acid, which "cooks" the meat and makes it safe to eat. This spice pack can be used in many ways for a great "Taste of Thailand" if fermented pork is unavailable.