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Mangosteen Soap 12 bars

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Mangosteen, known as 'The Queen of Fruit', is a super fruit that contains a rich nutrient base. Mangosteen has been prized throughout Southeast Asia for centuries for its many medicinal uses. The pericarp, or rind, contains high amounts of antioxidants and xanthones which are strong free radical fighters. Mangosteen Soap is an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and natural anti-bacterial agent which is excellent to help heal the pimples, blemishes and blackheads that accompany acne, either on the face or elsewhere on the body. Because Mangosteen serves as a natural bleaching agent and antioxidant, when applied to the skin it helps to cure any wounds and irritations, leaving the skin's surface looking brighter and healthier than before. Mangosteen Soap is also fortified with natural Vitamin E oils extracted from black sesame to help moisture and hydrate the skin. Mangosteen Soap is also an outstanding cleansing choice for anyone whose skin tends to be very oily and prone to acne breakouts. Regular use of Mangosteen Soap keeps the skin feeling soft and supple and looking more youthful. This is a great Price. The best price without the cost of shipping is $36.00 I have seen it as high as 12.00 per bar. Now you get it for 36.00 Free Shipping World Wide